The High Level Expansion Mentorship

Duration of Mentorship: 18 weeks beginning March 1. (You must be signed up before then) Ends with a bang the week of July 4!

Weekly group meetings where we will work together on growing your spirituality. We will meditate, I’ll teach you how to dowse, how to journal to get answers from the divine and how to be fully connected to yourself and the universe. Since there will be 5 people at maximum inside this mentorship, the time and days will be planned around you. ($1000 value)

During the weekly calls I will be dowsing for each member of the group. You will receive specific guidance from your spirit guides to help you in whatever capacity you decide.

You will receive weekly Angel messages and guidance.

You will discover your spirit team and learn how to work with them specifically in ways you might never have before.

You will learn how to BE in a way that is your next TWO levels up! Meaning, you’re going to level up fast. No more thinking about it, you’re going to actually BE about it. I will walk you step by step through how to BE the best version of yourself now.

Manifesting: whatever you want to bring into fruition… let’s do it. I will walk you step by step through how I have manifested everything in my life. Everyone’s process may be different snd we will develop yours together.

Abundance Mindset Shift. We will work deeply on all limiting beliefs and blocks you may have that are holding you back and stopping you from receiving. The truth is, we ALL have them, but have you been working with them diligently with a coach? It’s time. (invaluable)

This isn’t a basic bitch group chat mentorship… no- we will have a group Voxer where it’s all voice messages which means massive connection and expansion. ($1000 value)

Mindset Expansion I’ll critique your mindset every day via a group Voxer chat we will have on going. You have to be willing to put yourself out there as this is how everyone will grow. There is a designated check in time every day (by noon EST) that ever member must send a Vox and check in by.

When you sign up you’ll receive a welcome package that is designed specifically for you by your angels. I’ll dowse and see what you need. (It will be sent in the mail so it will take a little time to get to you). $50-100 value).

Each member will be allowed 1 private call with me a month, to use whenever you’d like ($300 value)

This will go right up directly to the retreat where the spiritual principles, expansion and breakthroughs will be 10x!

A group healing session with a Shaman (my mother)!!! This will lead to powerful shifts on depths I can’t even explain. The specific healing will not be identified until the group is together and she will assess the need of the group. ($400  value)

Total Value without Bonuses: $2800 a month, $10,000 total value
Bonuses: As a VIP/ you will have access to any program I have currently going on or that I release DURING the 18 weeks.
(Excludes the retreat)

$300 off the retreat held on June 21-25  hosted in Maine. Please message me ASAP to secure your seat.

If You Pay In Full Bonus

Your own exclusive interview on the Changing the Culture Podcast to promote your business, your story or whatever you’d like!

1 Private healing session with Shaman (my mother)

1 EXTRA private 1:1 session with me… which can be cashed in within 48 hours of signing up!!!!

Please Understand:

You will need to agree to show up to this… with 100% effort. I am going to show up every single week doing the deepest work possible with you. I want you to expand and grow, but I cannot DO THE WORK for you. You will need to commit to doing the work, no excuses (hence the price point).


What if I am working 1:1 with you now? This will replace the 1:1 work for a little while, unless you choose to do both. We can discuss pricing privately.

What if I am in a program of yours right now? You don’t need to come out during your time in the expansion mentorship. You get to be in it all during your 18 weeks!

Do I have to pay in full? No, there is a payment plan as well, you just miss out on the pay in full bonuses.

Is this like the Next Level Mastermind? No, this is the next step up from that. This is much more intimate, spiritual and serious in the fact that you must commit to doing the work. There is a no negativity rule in this group.