PreCourse Materials

I believe that this particular training is multifaceted and usable for those with a wide variety a goals and intentions.

Take a look at the tabs below and decide which description best fits you and your goals for this course.

Under that you will find a specific plan of precourse work designed to frame the course so you get the greatest benefit for your particular goal.

Step 1: Discover your purpose

Since this category is rather broad I want you to sit down and take some time to journal about the following prompts. I encourage you to get a notebook, start a document, or start whatever your preferred note taking method is. Add these prompts to the start of those notes and record your answers there. That way as you progress through the next weeks of the course you will have them a reference.

  • What do you want to get out of this training?
  • What is your motivation to take this training?
  • What is your mission within your profession?
  • How do you think this training is going to help you?
  • Write down goals you have for yourself and how this training is going to help you achieve them:

Example: Autumn’s Mission – To shed light on what needs to change within the culture of law enforcement in order to bring about the change necessary to stop burnout, depression and hopelessness in first responders.

Bonus Homework: Go watch “I’m Not Your Guru” (available on Netflix) by Tony Robbins and pay attention to any takeaways for coaching. I’m going to want to talk about it when the live sessions start.

Step 2: Getting in the Mindset

At this point you should have a pretty clear idea of what your personal goals are for this course. What I want you to do this week is to take some time to review some of my podcast episodes that have to do with mindset and personal growth. If you have already heard the episode, listen again with fresh ears and keeping in mind that you are about to embark on a journey that could drastically change your life.

As you listen be sure you take notes and write down your “ah ha” moments in the notes you started last week.

Step 3: Be Ready

This week I want you to do a couple of things to be prepared to be successful through the course.

  1. Set up a calendar or section of your calendar that is dedicated to the course. If you are using a Google calendar you can join this calendar to add all the events to your personal calendar. If you use a paper planner or something else be sure to make note of important dates and other information there.
  2. Make this course a priority. On average most people do not complete the online courses they sign up for. Be sure to make this course a priority by setting aside the time for the work that needs completed and live trainings. Making the course a priority also might mean telling your spouse, partner, or others about what you are doing so they know it’s important and not to disturb the time you have set aside.
  3. Make sure your tech is ready. Be sure that zoom is downloaded and you are signed in if you have never used it before. Have any note taking apps ready to go. If you haven’t joined the What’s App Conversation be sure that you do (that’s often where I share and update information).

Now that those few things are ready and you are prepared to start the live portion of the training next week, I have a few more mindset exercises for you to practice this week. These focus more on times of meditation and being open and coachable during the course.

Head over to the meditation section of the resources here and listen to the following meditations.

  • 6 Min Guided Meditation
  • 15 Min Guided Meditation
  • Fear and Coming from Love