High Level Mentorship

For Female First Responders

Girl, there is no one who understands you better than another female first responder. But finding a tight niched group of women who are actually supportive, who are unleveling their lives times 10 and finding freedom from the constraints of the job… rare AF.

Lucky for you however you have found it.

Are you ready to feel like you finally fit in with a group of first responders?

Does it make you sick to talk shop all the time?

Are you tired of mind numbing conversations and craving upleveling your life… like now?

‘Are you low key into spiritual shit? Do you enjoy mindset resets?

Or maybe you are in need of one?

How would being around a bunch of women just like you, all being mentored by a woman who has been where you are and is now living her dream life, married her dream man and makes twice as much as she did as a cop, change your life?

Welcome to the High Level Mentorship!

This is my most coveted program to date. If you want to be around high level people who are going some place and want to change the world… this is your spot. 

If you are ready to set down your bullshit and get back to who you were truly always meant to be so you can change the world… this is for you.

Here Are The Details:

Please note: I kept this page very short and simple. This is not a sales page. I am not trying to sell you on anything. I am sharing with you what is included in this package and you can decide if this calls to you or not. 

I will warn you. This is a premium price point. This is not for someone who is tip toeing around the idea of upleveling. This is for the person who knows in their soul that they have been fucking around for way too long doing shit they don’t really want to do.

This is for the person who: might be scared AF, knows that this is a fuck yes in their heart, who will show the fuck up every single day, open willing to listen and be guided.  

Duration: Always and Never Ending!

Our beta group was able to achieve so many results in 4 months that we are just going to keep the success going. Instead, of specifying a length of time we will be keeping the mentorship open. That way you can grow and up level at your own pace.The price you see it right now is the lowest it will ever be from this point on. So if you decide to wait, just know that the price may increase. You can cancel any time.

What’s Included:

Bi-Weekly Group Meetings: where we will work together on your growth. This is where I will be hosting classes, studying concepts, books and providing lessons to take you to where you want to go.  We will meditate, I’ll teach you how to dowse, how to journal to get answers from the divine and how to be fully connected to yourself and the universe. Each month the days will be set as the group agrees to which days and times work best. Typically it’s a week day and evening EST. ($1000 a month value)

 Access to My Personal Transformative Mindset Training Library:  You will gain access to all of the never seen before trainings, soap boxes, mindset resets and rants that have become life changing material for me. There are dozens of trainings waiting for you and you will receieve more as I create new weekly trainings just for you, based on the needs of the group! ($1000 a month value)

 1 Private Call a Month w/ Me! You may not even feel like you need it, many of my members didn’t. But you will be fully supported in this container by not only having a supportive group atmosphere, but access to me 1:1 ($1000 a month value)
 Private Voxer Support From Me! Many of my mentorship students don’t really even use this option, but it’s there if you need it. If you are having times where you need the support of me privately, you can Vox me and I will support you. Many shifts and breakthroughs happen here, having this option is literally priceless. ($1000 value)

 Subconscious energy clearing and energy work completed every month: We will have a powerful Shaman overseeing the energy of the group. Some of the work you will do with her:

Chakra clearing 

Healing your unconscious patterns through clearing work

Find out what your soul level traits are

What did your soul come to learn and experience 

Healing negative emotional patterns

 Discover which specific remedies are going to assist with clearing

Find the spirit of what animal is going to assist you in your healing work and what that means

Working with a crystal grid and understanding crystals

 ($1000 a month value)

1:1 with a Personal Stylist Every Month!: You will have a private call with your very own personal stylist every month.

Your stylist will provide you with:
Tips to organize, prioritize and simplify.
Finding your Personal~ from the soul style.
Learn how to find & create a lasting, appealing personal & home scent vibe.
Learn how creating & tying together balance in all aspects of life is the key to a happy life.
Learn to confidently maintain this lifestyle that you will love.

($1000 a month value)

Manifestation: whatever you want to bring into fruition… let’s do it. I will walk you step by step through how I have manifested everything in my life. Everyone’s process may be different and we will develop yours together.
Abundance Mindset Shift. We will work deeply on all limiting beliefs and blocks you may have that are holding you back and stopping you from receiving. The truth is, we ALL have them, but have you been working with them diligently with a coach? It’s time. (invaluable)

Become Who You Really Are. As a female first responder, we tend to lose ourselves quickly to the job. I will work with you so that you find yourself again and learn how to never lose yourself again!

Results Former Mentor Students Have Recieved:

  1. Purpose in their life. Many people spend their whole life not knowing who they really are or why they are here on this earth. Student’s who do the work, connect with their truth fast.
  2. Created new businesses and generated revenue and unbelievable profits from it. 
  3. Found the ability to trust and believe in themselves.
  4. Felt supported beyond anything they had ever felt before.
  5. The courage to communicate and have hard conversations which resulted in beauitful personal relationships.
  6. More money and the ability to receieve money easily. 
  7. Self-love. Which sounds cliche but everything starts here. Students reported actually loving who they are at the core instead of hating themselves and fighting themselves every step of the way in life.
  8. Their connection to the divine (God, Universe, Grace etc) was deepened and expanded. 
  9. The ability to talk to God and recieve answers/guidance from their higher self. 
  10. Not feeling lost, uncertain or scared all of the time. It’s true that we all feel this from time to time but students reported having a coach, training and a group to support them really helped with their connection.

And truly… this is just the tip of the icebreg. My no bullshit yet empathetic, approach to coaching and leading people is transformative because I am not ever teaching you to be like me. I am guiding you to be the best version of you possible and through this approach you will feel more free than you ever have.  

Here are some members from the first round of the mentorship at a retreat held in Maine where you will recieve exclusive first dibs on hearing about and going to!

Warning: This Is Not For Everybody!

This is for a very specific kind of person. The kind of person who wants to set down their bullshit and every reason they have for not achieving their goals and dreams. 

This is for the person who is willing to take an unconventional approach to success. The person who may feel scared but knows in their heart they are done playing small. They are done with living life in a way that does not excite them anymore.

You must be willing to do what 99% of the world will not do… you must be willing to be the stand out 1%er who goes all in, stays high vibe and wants to uplevel like no other.

If this is you, lets f*cking go.

Please Understand:

You will need to agree to show up to this… with 100% effort. I am going to show up every single week doing the deepest work possible with you. I want you to expand and grow, but I cannot DO THE WORK for you. You will need to commit to doing the work, no excuses (hence the price point). Your bullshit will need to be dropped at the door. You will feel resistance but you need to be willing to work through that. You will feel uncomfortable at times… that’s okay! Just don’t stop. 


What if I am working 1:1 with you now? This will replace the 1:1 work for a little while, unless you choose to do both. We can discuss pricing privately.

What if I am in a program of yours right now? You don’t need to come out during your time in the expansion mentorship. 

Do I have to pay in full? No, there is a payment plan! I actually created 3 ways to pay. If you feel called to go all the fuck in there is a pay in full for 3 month option where you save $500! 

Is this like the Next Level Mastermind? No, this is the next step up from that. This is much more intimate, spiritual and serious in the fact that you must commit to doing the work. There is a no negativity rule in this group.

Quarterly Payments of $4000

Monthly Payments of $1500
Bi Weekly Payments of $750