Is It Time For You To Help Change the Culture For First Responders?

Train to Become a Certified Life Coach Now!

Taught by the self help expert who is also a cop!

It’s time to leave a lasting impact

 It’s no secret that the relationship between our first responders and the community are at an all time low and need some mending. 

The Culture Has Never Needed a Change So Badly

And many are wondering what to do… so here is the answer:

Train our first responders how to survive the job on duty and off. 

To be emotionally and mentally sound… and to not lose themselves in the process.

Enhance your Communication

How many times have you tried to get a point across to someone but it came out a little too direct which hindered the direction of the overall conversation? 

Learn how to easily and effectively communicate with others as well as receive exclusive training on how to communicate specifically with first responders in a productive manner. 

Develop Your Leadership

We have all dealt with them. The higher up that doesn’t know how to inspire and lead those around and under them. Establishing positive leadership traits and methods early in your career can fast track your ultimate career goals. 
If you are already in a leadership position and struggling to guide and encourage your subordinates this course teaches the invaluable techniques that will start helping you build up your team on the very first day. 

Build Resiliency

It’s no secret the job takes a toll on everyone. This time you are going to be the one to hold it all together for not only yourself but those around you. We are going through trying times as a whole and only the people who are able to bounce back time and time again will be successful moving forward. 

Become the Support They Need

Be there to support them through the good days and bad.

What Autumn’s clients say about her work:

Pillars of First Responder Life Coaching




What it take to Change the Culture

Creating true change in a culture as tight knit as first responders is going to take time but every drop in the water causes a ripple effect. 

The ADKAR Change Model exemplifies the how change works within organizations but it also reflects how change works on a personal level as well. Understanding this model is critical for those in management positions who want to bring about change with in their organizations. 

A person must be aware that a change needs to be made, have the desire to make the change, gather the needed knowledge to start the change, have the ability to apply the new knowledge to change, and then reinforce their own efforts. 

This course teaches you to apply this model to yourself and those around you so you can create a change within the culture of those you are serve and oversee. 

Weeks of Coaching

Weeks of Coaching Techniques and Strategies

Weeks of Practical Application

What’s inside the course?

  • 3 Weeks of course preparation – get started on your journey before the live course even starts with content geared specefically for 3 different goals. 
  • 4 Weeks of group coaching (a $500 value) – Kick off the course with 4 weeks of focused group coaching sessions to prepare yourself for learning the skills in the following weeks. 
  • 8 Weeks of Teachniques and Strategies – Learn my signature process that I take all of my client through, PLUS create a “toolbox” of techniques and strategies that you can use to help others right away.
  • 4 Weeks of Practical Application – One of the absolutely unique aspects in my program is that you spend a month doing practical application training to make sure you are ready to being helping other as soon as you finish the course. PLUS, it will give you those initial testimonials if you want to use my methods to start a business.
  • Licensing of my signature program that you can use in your own business or organization included for the first year (a $500 value)
  • Biannual live trainings for the lifetime of your licensing agreement (a $1000 value)
  • Access to the training library for the lifetime of your licensing agreement.
  • Access to a private group of alumni where you can ask questions and connect with others working with first responders.

Bonuses for the first 3 People that Sign Up:

  • Dive in and start studying what coaching for first responders look like now! You’ll have 2 client calls plus and actual module from the course to begin training now. 
  • A Workbook to help you start thinking like a life coach as you listen to the calls.

Program Outline

Month 1: Build your Training or Business Block

Month 2: Coaching Basics, Building From the Ground Up

Month 3: Learn How to Help People, Your Own Unique Way 

Month 4: Practical Application 

Month 5: Certification 


What is unique about this life coaching certification?

Other life coaching courses teach you how to deal with the general population. One of the most unique aspects about this course is that it’s geared toward those in the first responder world. Whether you want to support first repsonders by becoming a life coach specifically for them, develop your leadership skills to improve the culture around your department, or you are connected to a first responder a different way and want to learn how to better their and your life, this course teaches you to use proven techniques that improve the culture and create change. 

Another unique aspect is the 4 weeks of practical application. Most certifications do not provide any kind of guided training for those first few sessions. This course requires you to complete several sessions before you are issued a certification.

Continued training. The average certification course sends you a digital certificate and then washes their hands of you. However, you will have access to a full library of training videos and biannual live calls as long as you maintain your licensing. 

Is there any live trainings?

YES! This course includes LIVE trainings every week to make sure you are getting the most out of the information!

When does it start?

You will have access to precourse goal centered content that gets you going starting on Jan. 1st! The precourse content is deisnged to help you put the information you are going to learn in the right perspective for your ultimatle goal with the course.

Be part of the change

I have worked with a few different coaches now, from beach body to one that I found on my own, however I never stuck with them. This is where autumn entered from stage left! I found her actually back when she was offering the Lady Sheep Dog group, and from her podcast and from the interaction within that group I knew I would end up working with her. It has been a privilege to work with her for a few years now, and boy has my life changed for the better.  When we first started I was just getting into law enforcement, and I wasn’t sure what I was doing, or what I was getting into. I originally started working with her because she was an officer, and female, however as I watched her grow I realized how much more she really is.  While working with her I have grown not just in my career, but overcome huge hurdles in my personal life.  I have had breakthrough on top of breakthrough as we have been working together. She really is amazing at it, and they call her the breakthrough queen for a reason! I can honestly say that I now know how to work through things, but it’s still always nice to have someone there who reminds you how worthy you are.



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