Inspired as F*ck

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A 30 Day Intensive on How to Reinvent Your Damn Self!
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I am going to walk you through my step by step process that I have used to pick myself up from rock bottom, keep me inspired, liberated and true to myself. No matter what anyone else thinks.

Are You Done People Pleasing Yet?

If So, Thank The Lord, You Have Arrived!

You’re here because you’re not overly happy…

You feel bored.

You are stuck.

You’ve listened to what everyone else has to say…

But nothing has felt right. You know you are born to do a whole hell of a lot more than what you currently have going on… but you are lost.

You feel highly unimpressed with your life right now.

And you don’t know what to do to change it.

Well don’t worry about it anymore… because I GOT YOU.

I know that if you are here then you are ready to ditch the people pleasing bullshit. You are ready to be who you REALLY are ALL THE DAMN TIME. You are craving to feel inspired and full of passion again.

So at this point you are probably thinking:

“Autumn, I’ve done the things…
I’ve listened to the things…
I’ve heard what everyone else has told me to do to get out of this rut…but it’s not working, none of it is working, so what makes this different?”.

This is not some program where I am going to TEACH you how to do or be anything other than YOURSELF. I am not going to teach you how to BE ME. 

I am going to guide you to create new habits, think new thoughts and guide you to allow your own inspiration and passions to come through. I am going to share with you what I do every day to keep me inspired and in the flow- but you don’t have to do exactly what I do… and that is what makes this special and unique.

ALSO THIS IS A LIVE TAUGHT COURSE!! The Next Time I Offer It, It Will Be a DIY! Do NOT Miss Out!

There are a lot of courses that will teach you how to be like somebody else… but this course is not one of them.

Look, I know the pain you are going through because I was you.

You get motivated for a day or two.. maybe even a week but it doesn’t last.
You have a lot of big ideas but you don’t follow through with them.
You should. all. over. yourself.
You aren’t doing anything that sets your soul on fire…

At least not yet. 

Welcome to your next 30 days where all of that changes…

Hi, I’m Autumn and Resiliency is My Middle Name

 I have had to course correct so many times in my life, that it is no longer something that stops me or sets me back. 

I have failed more times than not however my failures never stop me and inside Inspired As F*ck, I am going to show you how to adapt this mentality too.

I lost a career in law enforcement that I thought was going to last me 25 years, but was abruptly cut short, due to an injury.

I’ve built and then demolished 3 different business because they weren’t lighting my soul on fire… (against what everyone else told me I should do).

I’ve worked in a bunch of different jobs, I’ve done a lot of things, lived a lot of life for my few years here on earth and I continue to pivot every time something doesn’t feel right… or I don’t feel right. 

I have redesigned my entire life from the ground up and continue to do so, daily.
And here is what makes me different then most: Instead of allowing the course correcting to take me out, I’ve made it a part of who I am…. and how I BE every single day of my life. 

And this is what I’m going to help you to do during these next 30 days! 

I went from being someone who was miserable, angry and unhappy with my (then) current circumstances and then…

I Figured Out How To Rewire My Brain and That Changed Everything

Everyone wants to tell you who you are, what you should do and how to act. 

Everyone Except Me.

And quite frankly I will not allow anyone to spew that kind of bullshit around me.
Instead, it’s about digging down deep inside of yourself and finding what inspires you. 
Figuring out what sets your soul on fire, 
becoming aware of what you have been daydreaming about for years but have been afraid to admit it to yourself or anyone else and what you think shout or do in all of your free time. 
This is what I’m going to help you to find. 
I’m going to help you, go inside of you and pull out what’s been hiding in your heart. The shit you’ve been denying because you’ve been too afraid of what other people think.

So here is what it looks like:

Each day for the next 30 days you are going to enter my brain. This has NEVER been done before! 

Over the next 30 days I am going to spend Monday-Friday hosting exclusive LIVE classes just for youEvery single day you are going to show up with me in your ear, and I am going to help you retrain your brain for success, change your thoughts to yield inspiration and show you how you can change your life- pretty damn quickly.

Also Included In This 30 Day Intensive:

→ Action steps each day that’ll cause you to do the deep diving that just be done to pull the inspo out of you

→Inspiring videos that have caused me to change my outlook on things

→ Documentaries, movies and even some Netflix shows that are life changing

→ Quotes each day to pull out the best version of you as you focus on throughout the day.

Podcast episodes to motivate and inspire you!

→ Journal prompts to guide you to tap into your true self and find out what you ACTUALLY want

→ Plus your first 5 days, you will join me in my  virtual classroom where I will walk you step by step through this process!

→ Access to a membership library to access all of this content!

→ BONUS!!! You get to keep this information for life! This will be a course that you will want to access over and over again!

You Aren’t Doing This Alone…

I’ll be right there with you.

I will be hosting LIVE classes Monday-Friday Each Week of April JUST FOR YOU!

This is going to be 30 days of literally doing all of the things I do to keep myself inspired and at the top of my game.
Now, it’s your turn to be the best version of you.

Are you ready to become Inspired AF?
Let’s go!

I Am In!