What Life Coaching Actually Is


How Coaching First Responders is Different than Coaching Anyone Else

Join us for this FREE Live Event and you will walk away knowing:

  • What life coaching is
  • How it is implemented
  • How coaching can truly change your life
  • WHY coaching first responders is completely different than coaching everyone else
  • How you can begin coaching first responders! 

Who’s Teaching this Class??

Hi I’m Autumn, a police officer who was injured in the line of duty 5 years ago and had to get done full time police work. While I was couch ridden for the next 6 months I created a coaching business online and never looked back. 

I became a police officer to help other people but quickly realized there was no one to help us when we needed it the most

This is why I have created a podcast, a peer support community and have a full book of clients who are all first responders whose lives have all changed dramatically since being introduced to coaching

I am going to share with you exactly what it is I do, why it’s different than ANYTHING else out there, why it’s effective and how you can become just like me!