DO NOT Do the Typical Type A Thing and DO THIS CHALLENGE ALONE!

Join other Culture Shock Challenge Alumni in the Community

Yes Sheepdog, I am calling you out…. 

Listen up for a second. 

You made it this far because you are ready to change your life for real. 

You know what the job is doing (or will do) to you.

You understand that no one is going to save you.

You realize that you need to manage your sleep, stress and eating better… but in a way that was designed specifically for you. 

Well Done.

But the next step is just as important. 

One of the reasons we become first responders is for the sense of community that comes with it (or so we thought came with it). 

Community and feeling a sense of belonging is a basic human need. 

You will not thrive without a basic human need FYI.

So don’t do this like you have done other things in the past…

Go all in and join the Culture Shock Community

It’s only $35 a month you can quit any time

You will be surrounded by other first responders (and spouses) who are doing the challenge with you for the first time… as well as culture shock alumni who have had amazing results and are doing it again!

Be around people who will make you better

People who will be there to pick you up when you fall…

Answer questions you may have…

Have your back when you’re stressed out

And will listen to you vent- and effectively support you in your personal life, your professional life AND while doing the culture shock challenge. 

It’s only $35 a month to join and you can cancel any time you want to. 

That’s less than a gym membership and your union dues….

The community is right on Instagram so no one will know what agency you work for (other than Autumn).  Our community is small and tight niched. 

You will actually feel like people have you back and understand you. 

(Most members have been in this community for a year and a half… like they it so much!!!)

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