I’m Autumn and …

I am the queen of BREAKING THROUGH all the barriers put before me.

I have never let someone telling me I can’t stop me from doing what I wanted. Instead of following paths set before me, I have forged my own way because I don’t want to hindered by the expectations of others.

The master of failing forward and never quitting.

I am the most resilient person I know.

 I learned that resilience as a child, one of my biggest teachers being martial arts. I earned my 2nd degree black belt at 22 but competed in both national and international competitions for many years. I taught martial arts for over 10 years and ultimately developed my own self defense company teaching women to defend themselves and build confidence. 

I earned my B.S. in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Then went on to become a police officer. I worked for 3 agencies in different capacities, and focused my efforts on learning the profession and earning various certifications. I became a certified instructor at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and a defensive tactics instructor along with several other certifications. 6 years into my career I injured my back while on the job and was told by doctors that full time patrol would not be an option anymore. To say this was devastating news would be an understatement. I faced an emotional roller coaster over the next couple of years as i reassessed my life, goals and purpose. 

I fought back from the bottom of an emotional pit that threatened to swallow my very identity. For awhile I had trouble getting out of bed because I felt like my entire purpose in life had been stripped away from me. I put so much into my identity as a cop that I couldn’t even image myself as anything else. And then one day while scrolling around aimlessly on my phone I came across Tony Robbins. I devoured his content. Then I started seeking out others who shined light into my dark hole and I slowly started climbing out. 

I finished her Masters in Criminal Justice degree, started teaching college level criminal justice courses, and began mentoring other first responders from all across the world on stress management and officer well being. I know what it is like to be in a very low spot, to go through traumatizing situations, and how to bounce back quickly and stronger then before. This is what I teach in my Intuitive Sheepdog program; a holistic approach to reducing the stress in first responders lives so they can be happier and more productive both on and off the job. 

Now I’m taking my approach to all those that have been fallen into a dark place in their own lives. That want to fight and claw and do whatever it take to get back into the light. 

Autumn Clifford